1) Which competitions are offered?

For a listing of all competitions offered, check out the rule book here.


2) What is the theme for 2019?

Check out the mist theme at . this year’s theme is “The honor of humility”.

3) Do all submissions have to be based on the theme?

YES! Regardless of what your competition is, it must be based on the theme. That includes Science Fair, Community Service, Nasheed, Art, etc. Points are given for keeping with the theme.


4) Help! I've missed the deadline for early submission!

we’re currently working on an answer for this question.


5) How do I register?

mist seattle is currently offering registration. There’s a button around here somewhere…

Oh, hey!

6) how much is registration?

Registration per student is $20. If you are in need of financial aid, please reach out to us at


7) My school does not show up when I go to register...

Send an email to us at and we’ll let you know when we add it.


8) who is mist open to?

MIST is only open to high schoolers and 8th graders in washington state, oregon, and vancouver!

9) I’m in 8th grade. What school do I register with?

All 8th graders can register with any high school team they choose. It does not have to be the high school they will attend, or the high school that is nearest to them, or the high school that is in the same district as their middle school. Be a part of any high school team you would like to win medals for!


 10) I need help with registration and my question isn’t posted!

Reach out to us at!

any more questions?

don't hesitate to reach out to us!